Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension by

In case your 98 Lincoln navigator air suspension Isn't working, it could be one some problems. If one corner of your vehicle is not airing up, or isn't airing up properly, it could be a sensor not functioning correctly. It could also be the seals about the airbags, if one of the bags will not air up. These seals just wear out overtime. Often these seal problems will start when the vehicle is exposed to winter, as the seals start to contract. This is not a big issue as the seals are only around $20, but it's a hassle to replace them. Continue reading to get more detailed.

This trouble could also be because of a leaking valve, a leaking valve, or a failed motor. These things be expensive more money to repair. Oftentimes it will cost $800-$1200. Larger aftermarket wheels or tires can contribute to some air suspension problems, because they put extra stress that these air suspension components weren't meant to handle.

In case your air suspension is not working, and you don't feel like troubleshooting a overly complicated system, and merely need a one time fix at a reasonable cost, there is a solution for you. Similar to the 1998 Lincoln town car air suspension, you can find kits you can purchase to change your air suspension system that has a coil spring kit. These coil spring kits are much stronger, and can manage a lot better than an air system, even with large aftermarket wheels and tires. In many instances a coil spring kit will never need to be replaced. Whenever you're having 1998 Navigator air suspension problems you should definitely purchase a new coil conversion kit.

The Navigator air suspension's longevity is dependent upon just how much extreme heat and cold weather your Lincoln Navigator is subjected to. These severe conditions degrade air ride suspension the different parts of the air suspension system. Often the electronics (modules and sensors) begin to fail with age likewise. This is a recipe for disaster and compounds the suspension problems related to the factory Lincoln Navigator suspension system.

Also overlooked many times for the Lincoln Navigator is the condition on the front suspension of the vehicle. Within the same span of time, the Navigator Air Suspension Kits is subject to extreme wear and also the poor shock and spring quality will make it hard to properly align your vehicle and this causes excessive deterioration of leading tires and eventually eliminates the great ride you deserve like a Lincoln Navigator owner.